Education is the key to positive change and the only way out of an already assigned path for girls like these 43, whose testimony and portraits comprise Thanks to My Mother. The testimony consists of their letters, presented in their original untouched form, that the girls wrote to ask for a scholarship. The girls are portrayed in their homes, together with the strongest supporters of their emancipation through education: their mothers.

The fruit of visits to Adana (Southern Turkey), Kırklareli (Thrace region), Niğde (Central Anatolia), Sinop (Black Sea region), Van (Eastern Turkey) and Istanbul, the metropolis with millions of internal migrants from all over Turkey, Thanks to My Mother pays homage to all these women who, despite the adverse circumstances, will not give up their quest for a better life. It also intends to actively engage the readers in the possible solution of the human/women’s rights issue of female illiteracy in a country, which is otherwise rapidly developing and has now the world’s 18th largest economy.

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